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  1. Could not find the artical
    I found the article but it cost 30 dollars so could not read it so I spent a couple of hours doing a more up to date method of research and go-ogled Talisman. The best talismans are below I want to order some as they are 100 percent guaranteed.

    I like the idea of resonance and the fact that Talimans seem to evolve in a time where more things are possible. Like my Flat earth book the fact that science had not made a flat earth impossible opens up possibilities. It’s the same with perpetual motion and the third law of thermodynamics – energy not been able to be created or destroyed. And the same with Alchemy although from the little I know of the Alchemical the quest was more to create god on earth than gold from base metal.

    So perpetual motion, flat earth, and Alchemy also in a smaller way Phrenology – I’m currently reading the life and times of a phrenologist. All drawn together by the talismanic effect of our blog – chuck in a bit of genetic resonance and distance viewing and I’m starting to see a strand of continuity in my list of things I’m interested in. I suppose it is the ability to believe in something which opens up otherwise closed possibilities.

    Does this work for Language as Talisman are we perhaps saying that language holds within it more than the words – a spell -the power to inspire the power to define a political movement or sell fast food- I had a dream kentucky fried chicken in a pizza hut. I’ve been thinking about the idea of Language as Talisman a lot and thought we need to seperate it from “Shorthand” Like the way academics say something like “Deleurzian” to signify god knows what. Or Jargon – Like I might say we can only get 1.8 K down that 2.5 cable unless we step it up to 240 with an inverter. If I’m talking to a sparky. I think these could be seen as talismans but in a way they are not rarefied enough perhaps the Talisman is the point where the words transcend any linguistic meaning – maybe they are “Materialised”
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